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At ProCred we can improve your provider reimbursement by applying our knowledge, experience and understanding regarding insurance carrier guidelines, provider numbers and effective dates. This involves an in depth understanding of those specific Managed Care panels that are keys

to a practice’s successful reimbursement.


We balance a client’s cash flow and reimbursement by speeding up the enrollment process, eliminating receivables and ensuring information

integrity. ProCred understands physician/provider practice, location and patient demographics. ProCred is an integral part of the services

provided by PBC, Inc. Providing clear and prompt communication to our Physician and Hospital clients.


As an extension of PBC, Inc. we also offer physicians, healthcare organizations, and hospitals with medical coding, billing, and IT consulting.

With two decades of healthcare experience, our parent company, PBC is dedicated to our mission of delivering high-quality, cost-effective

services in the most efficient manner possible to our clients. PBC conducts business along the East Coast; from Massachusetts to Florida

and continually looks to expand and adapt to any and all state requirements. If interested, please contact: info@grouppbc.com

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